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  • Location: 1657 South 580 East American Fork, UT
  • Phone:800-606-8980
  • Established:2004
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About Us

The T.R.A.-MAGE manufacturing plant located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, American Fork, Utah, USA. TRA Snow Brackets and MAGE Industries joined forces in 2004 to become T.R.A.-MAGE.

T.R.A.-MAGE develops, products and sells high-quality mounting and fastening systems for photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors. Using our exclusive SunFIXINGS LINE you can create a solid foundation for any solar system on sloped roofs and soon flat roofs.

With an international production, service and distribution network at its core, T.R.A.-MAGE gives you access to a seamless supply chain like no other manufacturer can. From aluminum extrusion and finishing to powder-coating zinc plated steel, to structural calculations and complete fastening systems, we do it all.

Our Services

Sloped Roof Solutions

Ground Mount Solutions