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Standard Renewable Energy


  • Location: 5757 Arapahoe Avenue Boulder, CO
  • Phone:303-562-2752
  • Established:2006
  • Installations To Date:500
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About Us

Founded in 2006, Standard Renewable Energy (SRE) provides comprehensive energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, and government entities that assist them in lowering utility bills, reducing environmental impacts, and increasing energy reliability and independence.

Today, SRE is the nations largest Distributed Energy Services Company (DESCO) or "on-site" generation provider driven by a commitment to quality and a dedication to delivering long-term energy solutions to its customers.

Technology and vendor agnostic, SRE provides the best of breed in products and services across the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. From cutting edge solar and wind technology to SREs custom built in-home energy monitoring services consumers are empowered to reduce their energy consumption and save money every month.

Standard Renewable Energy offers a unique solutions approach based on the RE3 concept, which includes:

  • Review - current energy usage with audit services and energy management systems that analyze and monitor current energy consumption.
  • Reduce - usage by integrating energy efficiency products such as spray foam insulation and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.
  • Renew - by addressing remaining energy demand with renewable energy products.

Standard Renewable Energys RE3 offerings include: energy audits, high-efficiency heating and cooling products and services, spray-foam insulation, solar window film, solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems, solar water heating systems, wind energy systems and more.