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Denver Solar and Wind


  • Location: 12445 E. 39th Ave Denver, CO
  • Phone:720-971-5784
  • Established:2009
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About Us

Welcome to Denver Solar and Wind. We are a local design and installation company dealing with photovoltaic solar and wind turbine energy harvesting systems. Our experienced team is ready to handle large and small residential, commercial, government, and non-profit systems

Our Services

Our business structure gives us the freedom to adjust and meet the challenges of any installation size while keeping our customer's cost affordable. We operate with almost zero overhead; thus allowing our company to focus on repeatable professional installations, rather than having our focus solely on our profit margin. By effectively managing system design and installation we are able to pass real savings on to our clients ensuring you get a great price which will help you achieve energy independence and Go GREEN!

The most important factor of becoming an electricity producer is the initial cost of your installation and hardware. If you pay too much for a system it can become difficult to realize a return on investment in a reasonable amount of time. The primary goal of our system designers is to verify that you have a suitable location for generating green electricity, and that you can start saving money from day one. In fact, we will not install hardware if the system design does not meet our rigorous efficiency specifications. Our professional design consultants and our top notch engineering team double, then triple check efficiency calculations and energy harvest projections. This data is then compared with financial data that takes in to account current and projected energy prices. We are able to verify the direct cost of solar energy and provide a comparison to the cost of electricity that is available from your local utility company. With this information you gain peace of mind should you own your home for the next year, or the next 30 years, you know that investing in renewable energy is a wise choice.