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BBL Solar Design


  • Location: PO Box 202 Tomales, CA
  • Established:2006
  • Installations To Date:200
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About Us

We are a drafting service specifically for the PV Industry.

We've been desiging PV systems for the nation's largest integrators since 2002.

Our goal is to provide Solar Installers with NEC and jurisdiction compliant plans for Permit and Construction, while achieving cost reductions and saving time, putting them ahead of schedule.

Our philosophy is simple - you do not need another layer of construction management. Simply provide us with the data we need, and we provide you plans to get the permit & build.

Our Services

We provide full System Design for Residential and Commercial PV projects.

Complete Project Design or Site Plans only or Wiring Diagrams only.

Tell us the equipment and construction methods you will employ on each installation, or let us make a recommendation. We're framiliar with classical and new products & methods.

We do all permitting research at no additional charge.

Load calculations, equipment schedules and As-built drawings are add-on options.

We are available for site visits and permit submittals in Northern California only, and beyond on an as-needed basis.

We serve anywhere in the US. We work with engineers who will stamp our work in most states.

Affiliations & Accreditations

NABCEP Certified.