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Advanced Media Inc, Ritek USA


  • Location: 1440 Bridgegate Drive #395 Diamond Bar, CA
  • Phone:909-861-2269
  • Established:2001
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About Us

RITEK has been focusing its efforts on green energy, and has invested in the photovoltaic industry. By integrating RITEK's outstanding performance in the optical storage media industry and its R&D skills, RITEK is expecting to be able to provide dynamic, highly-efficient and super competitive solar modules, photovoltaic application product and solar systems to satisfy customers' various needs.

To help promote solar energy products, which have been gaining in popularity, is RITEK's goal and promise.

While investing more resources and using a win-win strategy, we hope this will help create a better environment for future generations. By combining the Right Technology at the Right Time with the Right Products, RITEK has earned its name in the high-tech field of Storage Media, Solar Energy and Flat Panel Display.

Since its establishment in 1988, RITEK produced Taiwan's first CD, DVD and OLED. Featuring outstanding performance and R&D skills, RITEK has earned an excellent reputation in the optical media domain.

Recently, to avoid the excessive use of fossil fuels and environment pollution, RITEK has devoted many of its efforts to Photovoltaic (PV) product development, such as wafer-based crystalline silicon solar modules and thin film CIGS solar modules.

Our Services

Mono-Crystalline and Multi-Crystalline Silicone Solar modules/panels, CIGS Thin-film solar modules/Panels, Streetlight Photovoltaic application products and Small Home Systems (SHS) solar systems servicing The United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Asia.