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AAE Solar


  • Location: 512 Ponderosa Dr Boulder, CO
  • Phone:720-334-1928
  • Established:2008
  • Installations To Date:25
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About Us

Why You Should Choose AAE Solar
AAE Solar has a documented track record of professional and reliable service. When you work with AAE you get:

  • A custom designed, cost-efficient, top-quality solar (photovoltaic) system built to withstand the wind and snow conditions of the Front Range
  • Comprehensive personal service from AAE principal David Waldman - from consultation through installation
  • A professional installation team including structural engineers, roof contractors, and electricians
  • Quality solar panels that carry a 25 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Financing options if necessary

Our Services

We will:

  • Design & provide specifications for your solar energy system.
  • Apply for your municipal building permit.
  • Coordinate the subcontractor.
  • Apply for your Xcel Energy rebate.
    Note: Your utility company will give you a rebate of $2.00 /watt of solar generation you install, plus an additional .05c to .55c per watt if the system is oriented for maximum production.
  • Place your solar equipment order.
  • Ensure timely delivery of all equipment directly to your home.
  • Manage the solar/ pv system installation.
  • Arrange to meet you and your city inspector at the site for the final inspection.
  • Provide financing options, should you need a bridge loan.

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