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North Carolina Solar Panel Installers

This is the North Carolina directory for residential and commercial installers of solar panels and other solar-energy products. You'll find here detailed listings for solar installers, solar consultants and other solar professionals in your area.You can also research specific vendors and get a quote for a home or business. And don't forget to review our information on North Carolina rebates, tax breaks and other incentives for solar power. Whatever your needs, strives to provide you with access to accurate information and good solar professionals.

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More about solar power in North Carolina

Here's a quick overview of what you need to know about solar in North Carolina. First, state lawmakers have in recent years established a number of helpful solar incentives, including a hefty state tax credit equal to 35 percent of system costs. This means that NC residents who install a solar thermal (solar hot water) system can get a maximum credit of $1,400, while those who install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels can receive a max credit of $10,500. Meanwhile, North Carolina commercial and industrial systems may qualify for a credit worth up to $2.5 million -- this is one of the largest solar energy tax credits in the country. For information on these incentives and more, check out the North Carolina Solar Center, an organization that's been providing information and free solar resources since 1988. Finally, there's the 30-percent federal renewable energy tax credit, available to both homeowners and businesses who install a solar energy system. (Note: for commercial systems installed in 2009 and 2010, businesses may receive a solar energy grant equal to 30 percent of installed system costs. Companies that opt to receive the grant are not permitted to take the credit.)

Among the North Carolina solar installation pros listed above, you'll find an array of service offerings: solar panel installation, solar thermal system installation, LEED-certified building and contracting, home energy audit rating system (HERS) experts, and miscellaneous renewable energy consulting services. To get started on your solar project, simply complete our information form. It's free and takes only a few minutes to fill out. After we learn about your monthly energy needs, we'll work with our North Carolina solar installation partners to get you quality service and an unbeatable price. What are you waiting for? Get solar in North Carolina!

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