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New York Solar Plan Takes Off

Friday, April 29th 2011 8:43 AM
By GetSolar Staff.
New York Solar Plan Takes Off A total of 250 acres of New York City landfill space is planned to play host to multiple solar installations, for a total of 50 megawatts of energy production.

The city has more than 3,000 acres of landfill space, which could potentially hold enough solar capacity to power 50,000 homes, according to Reuters. The array would even be able to provide that level of supply in the summer heat.

A New York solar installation at the landfill is an addition to PlaNYC, a program started in 2007 to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030, the news source reported. It was signed into law and subsequently updated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"Installing solar power at these sites could significantly improve local air quality by reducing generation at the city's dirtiest plants during periods of peak summer demand," the plan says, according to the news source.

Cities lease undesirable areas for very low costs, the news source added. Because the area already has an established power structure and roads, the costs of the project are expected to stay low. Therefore, rates for power produced at the site should be low.

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