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Solar Energy Zones Planned for Western States, Including Colorado and California

Friday, December 17th 2010 3:59 PM
By GetSolar Staff.
Solar Energy Zones Planned for Western States, Including Colorado and California The government is getting in on the solar power market and recently announced that it will use public lands in the southwest, including land in Colorado and California, to provide areas with solar power.

The federal government announced that public land in a group of six western states is being considered for "solar energy zones," areas where large scale solar power development is most sustainable. The government announced that it will conduct environmental reviews of the potential sites and hold public meetings in each state where local residents can comment on the project.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar affirms that lands run by the Bureau of Land Management - 22 million acres in total - have the highest solar energy development potential in the country. In California and Colorado, there are various BLM land areas being considered: In Colorado, one such section is in the northwest corner of the state, near the border it shares with Wyoming.

The latest announcement by the federal government is another example of its commitment to solar power technologies. Recently, the U.S. Air Force constructed solar panel systems on some of its bases and president ordered the installation of solar panels on the White House Residence.  

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