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Colorado is a great place to go solar. The state's bright, clear skies and moderate summer temperatures combine to make near-ideal conditions for solar PV panels. And when it comes to promoting the use of solar power and other forms of renewable energy, Colorado is one of the most active states in the country. Residents and businesses looking to install a solar energy system currently benefit from:

  • Net-metering rules that ensure owners get credit for any excess electricity that their solar power systems generate

  • Colorado solar rebates that reduce the cost of installing solar panels

  • A federal investment tax credit worth up to 30 percent of total system costs

Read here for more information on Colorado solar rebates, tax breaks and other incentives for solar power. Below you'll find statewide and city listings for solar installers and contractors in your area.

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More about solar power in Colorado

Colorado has long been a key feature of America's energy industries: oil and gas, wind, solar -- you name it, Colorado's got it. Increasingly, the state is viewed as leading the charge on the renewable energy front.

Utility-sponsored solar rebate programs -- available to homeowners and businesses thanks to Colorado lawmakers and the Governor's Energy Office (GEO) -- can help lower the large upfront costs associated with installing solar panels. Add to these state incentives plenty of clear, sunny days and a 30-percent renewable energy tax credit from the federal government, and you can begin to see the potential for Colorado solar power. (What's even better? For commercial solar energy systems installed in 2009 and 2010, businesses can receive a 30-percent solar energy grant instead of the tax credit.)

When it comes to promoting the use of solar power and other forms of renewable energy, Colorado is one of the most ambitious states in the country. In November 2004, voters confirmed a hallmark initiative to establish a statewide renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS), requiring that by 2015 at least 0.4 percent of all electricity come from solar energy. While numerous states have subsequently set up RPSs, Colorado was the first in the country to do so. And ever since, its lawmakers have consistently advanced pro-renewables legislation. If all goes according to state mandates, investor-owned utilities will, by 2020, be producing 20 percent of all their electricity from renewable sources, like solar and wind.

The solar energy professionals listed above are experts at installing solar panels and solar thermal (solar hot water) systems. Many also have expertise in related areas, like LEED-certified building, energy efficiency, and home energy audits.

If you'd like to get matched with a qualified pro in your area, simply fill out our solar energy information form. It's free and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. We'll work with our Colorado solar installation partners to ensure that you get quality service and the best possible price. It's free. It's easy. What are you waiting for? Be the next person to get solar in Colorado!


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