Arizona Solar Installers

Arizona Solar Installation Professionals

With 4,000 hours of sunshine each year and growing state support for solar panel installations, Arizona is a great place to install a home solar or commercial solar electric system. Use the city pages below to find qualified solar installers in your area, or reference the total directory for our full listings. Whether you're in the depths of the Sonoran desert or in the heart of Phoenix, solar power may be a very good choice for you.

Arizona currently offers:

  • 25% up to $1000 state tax credit
  • Federal investment tax credit equal to 30% of total system costs
  • Exemption from taxes on the value the solar system adds to your property
  • Net Metering is now at 125% max of customer's load.

To get the BEST PRICE on your solar installation, simply complete this short form to have experienced solar installers bid on your project.

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More About Solar Homes in Arizona

Still want to know more about how how much a solar panel system costs in Arizona? Visit our dedicated Arizona solar information page to learn more about the Grand Canyon's state's rebates, tax breaks and other incentives for solar power.

Interest in solar energy in Arizona has exploded in recent years. This has as much to do with the state's prodigious amounts of sunshine as it does with the support legislators have provided in terms of solar rebates and tax credits. Add to the mix a 30-percent federal renewable energy tax credit, and the prospects for Arizona solar energy are brighter than ever.

The AZ solar power professionals listed above span a field of expertise that includes solar photovoltaic (PV) panel installation and solar thermal (hot water) installation, LEED-certified building and home energy rating auditing. Going solar in Arizona is made easier by the state's great weather: not only does lots of sun mean good solar system performance, it also makes for great working conditions for solar panel installers. Unlike homeowners in say, the northeast, Arizonans can start their installation project in January. All the more reason to believe in the future of a solar Arizona...

To get started with your project, complete our solar information form. It's free and takes just a few minutes to fill out. After learning about your energy goals, we'll help determine the type of system best fitted to your needs. Then, we'll match you with local solar installers to get you quality service and a great price. It's free and easy. So what are you waiting for? Be the next person to get solar in Arizona!


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