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Welcome to residential and commercial directory of solar installers for your state. You can find information about solar installers, solar consultants and solar professionals, specializing in solar panel installation, solar heat installation, solar pool heating, solar water heating and other home and business solar products. Also see our information on Alabama rebates, tax breaks and other incentives for solar power.

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More about solar power in Alabama

The above is a listing of Alabama solar panel installers and solar energy experts. The state of Alabama does not, at present, offer many solar incentives, like rebates or tax credits. The best option for homeowners and businesses who want to install solar panels is the production incentive offered by the TVA under their Green Power Switch program. Solar thermal systems, which are used to heat water, are more affordable than solar panels (which generate electricity), and thus may be a better option for Alabama residents at this point in time. Regardless, the state gets plenty of sunshine, which means that the future for Alabama solar energy will continue to brighten.

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