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Solar Options Available For Massachusetts Property Owners

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014 4:38 PM
By GetSolar Staff.
Solar Options Available For Massachusetts Property Owners

Massachusetts may increase its use of solar energy thanks to a new law and business model, according to Green Tech Solar.

Option For Non-Solar Homes
Currently, only 15 percent of residential rooftops in Massachusetts can support solar installations. The new Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNEM) law will allow the other 85 percent of households to purchase solar panels in a community-owned and –sited array, such as a solar garden, according to Green Tech Media.

Along with the installation of solar panels, the new law will necessitate that investor-owned utilities will need to work with homeowners in order to assess bills for the solar installations.

Working with Massachusetts citizens will be Clean Energy Collective, which helps communities reach solar power goals and residents install solar panels. CEC founder and CEO Paul Spencer said he created the organization in order to help push communities in a greener direction.

"Virtual net metering provides the platform for our business model and the ability to build," Spencer said. "Our business model gives us the foundation to go into new markets."

Adding Solar Energy By End Of 2014
CEC is hoping to install 10-15 megawatts of community-owned solar power in the state by the end of 2014. CEC will be doing this slowly by installing photovoltaic (PV) panels in 500 kilowatt to 2 MW increments. The CEC will be working with Massachusetts utility companies Western Massachusetts Electric Company, National Grid and NSTAR​ in order to complete installations.

CEC will be installing solar gardens throughout the state. Businesses and residents, who are not able to install solar panels on their properties, will be able to purchase panels from the solar gardens in order to reduce their electric and utility bills. Options for solar panels will be coming in a variety of options. Citizens can purchase a portion of the solar garden as small as one solar panel to offset electrical use. Cost of solar for customers of National Grid and NSTAR will be $4.45 per watt while customers of the Western Massachusetts Electric Company will have to pay $4.30 per watt, according to a statement from CEC.

Massachusetts residents will also have the chance to get a discount on the price of wattage. A $0.40 per watt rebate will be offered to resident who buy into one of the gardens, although this discount is only available until the projects are interconnected. 

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