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Massachusetts College Adding 9,000 Solar Panels

Tuesday, January 7th 2014 12:27 PM
By GetSolar Staff.
Massachusetts College Adding 9,000 Solar Panels

A Massachusetts college is adding a new solar installation to its campus in 2014.

The new 2.7 megawatt solar array will be installed at Stonehill College, which is located in Easton, Mass. The new system, which should be completed in early 2014, will be tied for the 11th largest solar installation on a campus in New England, according to the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education database. Encompassing 9,000 solar panels, the solar installation will also cover 20 percent of the school's electricity consumption, a statement from Stonehill said. By powering a good portion of the college, the solar array will save the school $3.2 million or $185,000 annually over the course of the next 15 years.

Stonehill's Eco Push
When construction for the 15 acre solar array began in November, it was part of the "Stonehill Goes Green" initiative. Along with building the new solar array, the sustainability push will also encompass several recycling programs, composting waste, installing more energy efficient lighting around the school, improving water conservation methods and providing freshmen with reading materials about eco-friendly options around the campus, The Digital Journal reported. Rev. James Lies, Stonehill's vice president for mission, said in an interview this solar array is a statement that Stonehill is serious about becoming a more eco-friendly college.

"It gives further indication of our commitment, on every level, to preserving the resources that are in our care for future generations," Lies said in a statement.

Harvard University Top Green School
​Stonehill's solar array is one of the largest installations at any college in New England. Harvard University has one solar project installed on one of its indoor sports buildings that generates 591.5 kilowatts of electricity. The entire campus of Harvard generates a total of 1,100 kW of energy, the Boston Business Journal reported.

The new installation will be operated by Marina Energy, which signed a 15-year contract with Stonehill. Steve Poniatowicz, senior vice president & COO of Marina said in a statement Stonehill was a great choice to install the new installation.

"We credit Stonehill for its forward-thinking strategies which will put the College in a strong position to lead others in New England to a more sustainable future," Poniatowicz said. "As more and more institutions like Stonehill College turn to cleaner, renewable sources of energy, the community thrives through financial savings and improved efficiency,"

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